About Us as your OEM Partner for Quality Immunoassays Controls

In the year 1983 BIOREF GmbH was founded in Homburg / Saar (Germany). Since that time BIOREF organizes proficiency studies especially for tumor markers.

1985 BIOREF moved to the present company location (Moembris, Germany) - 50 km east from Frankfurt International Airport. 

BIOREF has established a quality management system since many years which is certified according to ISO 13485. This quality management system is continuously adjusted to business as well as official requirements and it is regularly improved for the benefit of our customers.

The aim of BIOREF's quality policy is to supply the customers with high quality products in order to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the customers' quality systems.

BIOREF manufactures the READY-TO-USE Control Sera in our production laboratory by applying a special production procedure.

Due to our long experience in manufacturing different liquid and very stable control sera BIOREF can provide quality control sera which are tailor-made for your needs. Analyte content, concentration, filling and packaging can be adjusted according to the customers' requirements.

Please contact us if you wish to receive any further information.

Telephone: +49 (0) 6029 / 5121
E-Mail: info@bioref.com