Product characteristics

BIOREF`s controls are in liquid form with a human serum matrix comparable to a patient`s serum. Due to their liquid form our controls can be used directly and economically. The shelf life of our products is up to 5 years at a storage temperature of -20°C. At 4°C the controls are stable over long periods of time. The refrigerated stability of the controls depends on the analytes included and ranges from a few weeks to several years. Our controls are stable in liquid form, but it is also possible to lyophilize our products.



  • Ready to use

  • Economically

  • Easy to handle


Human serum matrix

  • Comparable to patient serum


Stable as liquid

  • Storage in the refrigerator for direct use for many month for most analytes

  • Long-term storage in freezer for 5 years (Batch-constant)

  • No freeze-drying needed, but possible


Properties of control sera and corresponding product types

Form: Liquid  
Matrix: Human Serum  
Shelf life (-20°C): 5 years  
Stability (4°C): ≥ 12 months:
12 months:
~ 1 month:
Most of the Tumor markers, Spinal fluid Markers
Allergy IgEs, Plasma Proteins, Thyroid Hormones, Fertility Hormones
Cardiac marker



As a manufacturer of customized controls BIOREF will be happy to produce controls according to your needs concerning

  • analyte content
many different analyte compositions possible
  • analyte concentrations
normal & pathologically high concentrations for all analytes, for a lot of analytes also particular low concentrations
  • number of levels
as many as you want/prefer
  • filling
bottles, small vials
  • labelling
label with your label


List of analytes for customized controls